Screwston Coffee Concentrate Bottle

Screwston Coffee Concentrate Bottle

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At XELA Coffee Roasters we pride ourselves on bringing a modern edge to the tradition of cofferoasting and brewing. Our proprietary blendSCREWSTON,  is made specifically for cold brewing. Screwston is a combination of seasonal coffeeblended post-roast, producing a smooth, intensely sweet brew with milk chocolate tones and brighfruity accents.

We are roasting this coffee to a medium level, and the flavor profile consists of layered cocoa and brown sugars topped with mild raspberry tones. The cold brew blend is aimed at providing a smooth, approachable coffee perfect over ice on a summer day.



Our Screwston bottle comes in a concentrated form, as a tribute to DJ Screw and the Syrup City culture.

The cold brew is brewed over 48 Hours to ensure potent and clear flavor.

To Enjoy:

Pour 4 oz of Screw Concentrate over ice and 4 oz water.


Pour 4 oz of Screw Concentrate over ice with your favorite dairy/non-dairy cream.

Sweet, Smooth, Intoxicating. Lean with it.


This is a concentrate, that is high in caffeine. Please Drink Responsibly.




Screwston Coffee Concentrate Bottle