713 Espresso

713 Espresso

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This city is known for its hustle, culture and exceptional cuisine. Houston, this coffee was created for you; inspired by the burst of color in our streets and diversity of cuisines thriving throughout the city. Crafted through constant testing, this blend is comprised of 2-3 seasonal origins aiming at providing the smoothest, sweetest and most complex shot available. Since coffee is an agricultural product, the availability changes through the seasons, but 713 will never stop performing at an exceptional level. 


We are roasting these coffees just beyond a medium level, and blending post-roast. The result is a full-bodied profile with a fruited top-note, lasting sweetness and balanced acidity.  


Guatemala + Honduras 

Seasonal Post-Roast Blend

Tasting Notes: Graham Cracker | Subtle Berry | Rounded Acidity | Creamy Body


For current blend components, please contact info@xelaroasters.com.