Kenya Natural Process

Kenya Natural Process

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Natural Process from the Great Rift Valley, Kenya.


This coffee is grown and processed in the Northern part of Kenya's Rift Valley near market town of Kitale in Trans Nzoiya County. The estate has about 600 acres of coffee cultivation with most production washed and sold to large exporting companies.

The Natural lot is carefully washed after picking, with fresh river water from the Koitobos River, and then sundried as a "Natural" on raised beds.
It typically takes 21 to 28 days to fully dry, depending on the weather, with cherry being rotated at least four times a day.

The Great Rift Valley contains the Cherang'any Hills and a chain of volcanoes, some of which are still active. The Cherang'any Hills are one of Kenya's five main forests and span three counties. The Northern Rift Natural lot is set at the foot of Mount Elgon, an extinct shield volcano on the border of Uganda and Kenya.

As far back as the 1940's, this estate has milled and processed its own coffee as well as neighboring small producers. Since then, the farm has financed over 15 housing renovations, sponsored two high school students and hopes their social responsibility program will expand once the farm reaches more popularity.

The combination of very high altitude, arid climate, and volcanic soil creates the ideal growing situation to produce the bright, juicy tones found in this cup. The natural process also imparts an intense berry & dessert wine flavor with absolute clarity. 

Explore all the different tones found in this cup with a friend!


We are roasting this coffee to an early or "Light" level, layering smooth cherry jam tones with a blueberry accent while finishing with a dessert wine full finish. Enjoy!



Northern Rift, Mt Elgon, Kenya

Botanical Variety: Batian + Ruiru 11 + SL28 + SL34

Elevation: 1900 Meters Above Sea Level

Process: Natural (with Careful River Wash); Sun-Dried on Raised Platform