Frequently Asked Questions

Brewing Methods & Coffee Grinders:

What do I need in order to make the best cup of coffee? 

Local Delivery:

How long should I expect to receive my coffee once I've placed my order?

    • Within 5 business days
    • ***If you are in the Houston area, we deliver every Friday. Orders must be placed Sun-Thursday for delivery on Friday. 

Do I have to pay for shipping when ordering coffee from Xela Coffee Roasters?

    • US Shipping applies by weight, and are calculated to match the current shipping prices. International orders are subject to extra shipping costs. 


How do I receive a wholesale or retail consultation? 

    •  If interested in becoming a partner with Xela Roasters, please email or fill out our form on the home page!

MISC Coffee Questions:

For an Extensive Coffee Library, we recommend visitng:


What is the difference between direct trade and fair trade? 

    • Direct Trade Coffee: an individual buyer purchases coffee directly from the farmer. The coffee farmer receives 100% of the profits. The buyer is able to give the farmer feedback on the quality of the coffee and collaborate on sustainability efforts for the farms. 
    • Fair Trade Coffee: a corporative of multiple farmers is formed where they receive a percentage of the profits and the remaining money is circulated back into the community to build roads, and other quality life improvements.  The corporative head handles all transactions between buyer and farmer.