China 'Black River' Micro-Lot

China 'Black River' Micro-Lot

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Our latest single origin project features a first look at China and its rising Specialty Coffee quality. 


This Chinese single-estate coffee is grown above 1500m, along the highlands of the Black River in very dense natural forest.

The natural forest canopy shades the bulk of the coffee trees, which is an ideal and important environment for local eco systems. All practices on the farm are aimed at preserving the natural habitat throughout the land.


Since China's specialty sector has been recently elevated, it is common to find the Micro-Lot coffees to be mostly test strains with a strong strain compromising about 80 percent of the lot. This lot is compromised of mainly the Cattura varietal, with a few test strains. 


Black River is a Washed Process coffee, allowing a clean and clear cup.

This coffee is roasted by XELA with the intention of maximum sugar caramelization. The roast appears to be a light-medium level with a complete balance in sweetness and acidity.

Invite your friends over to try their first Chinese Micro-Lot.

Enjoy the Black River.


Farm: Black River
City: Yunnan Province
Region: Blk Rvr Highlands
Country: China
Altitude: 1500-1700 m.a.s.l
Processing Method: Washed




China 'Black River' Micro-Lot