China Honey Process Best of Yunnan

China Honey Process Best of Yunnan

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Our latest single origin project features a Flight of Processing from some of the best coffees produced in Yunnan Province, China.



Menghai Frisco Coffee Plantation is a young team affiliated to Xishuangbanna Echo Coffee Development. They won 7th Place in the 2017 Best of Yunnan Coffee Competition.

The biggest advantage of Frisco Coffee is that they focus on planting technology and using scientific method to enhance and develop flavor profiles.  With superior conditions of high altitude and abundant forest vegetation, they strictly control every procedure in the production of their coffee.

This is the HONEY Process of the 3 different processes.

In the honey process, the fruit is left on partially and fermented. After about 24-36 housr the coffee is washed and laid out to dry. This is a rare and difficult process especially considering humidity levels directly affect the outcome. At Cui Feng, the Honey process highlights and provides a clear and unique pear flavor profile that comes from Yunnan. The cup is upfront with a unique pear-like note, similar to Yellow Pear. Sweet brown sugar tones and a lasting finish makes this coffee an experience to share. 

This coffee is roasted by XELA with the intention of maximum sugar caramelization. The roast appears to be a light-medium level with a complete balance in sweetness and acidity.

Invite your friends over to take the China Flight.



Farm: Cui Feng Estate
City: Yunnan Province
Country: China
Altitude: 1500-1700 m.a.s.l
Processing Method: Honey Process



China Honey Process Best of Yunnan