Colombia Bella Vista Microlot

Colombia Bella Vista Microlot

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Our latest Direct Trade project features a TUSA x XELA collaboration from Colombia. 


Finca Bella Vista is a single farm micro-lot from the Santa Maria region of Huila in Colombia, and it is produced by Edilberto Coronado.


The producer is very strict on picking only ripe cherries consistently, producing a super sweet and balanced profile. Once the coffee arrives at the wet-mill, it is 'de-pulped' and then dry fermented for 36 hours. This is a practice Edilberto has made standard, followed by a wash process and greenhouse dry for about 10-15 days.


The care and thought put into nurturing/processing this coffee imparts an intense sweetness, red fruit tones, and a juicy mouthfeel with a lasting vibrant finish.


"Bella Vista"


Farm: Finca Bella Vista
City: Santa Maria
Region: Huila
Country: Colombia
Altitude: 1,850 – 2000 m.a.s.l
Processing Method: Dry 36 Hour Fermentation, Washed, Greenhouse-Dried 10-15 Days

Colombia Bella Vista Microlot
Colombia Bella Vista Microlot