Colombia Buesaco 13

Colombia Buesaco 13

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This Direct Trade project features a TUSA x XELA collaboration from Colombia. 


Buesaco 13 is a special collaboration between 13 micro-producers from Buesaco in Nariño, Colombia. 

Through rigorous tests and creative blending the producers and tasters have created a lot compromised of 3 varietals. The botanical varietals are Caturra, Colombia, + Castillo. 


The majority of the micro-lots in this collaboration are grown at above 2000 meters above sea level. With a higher elevation, a slower maturation occurs in which the tree has more time and effort to push nutrients and sugars to the fruit. The result is a satisfying silky mouthfeel, sweet plum tones and a pastry-like finish that leaves a lasting impression. 


"Buesaco 13"


Farm: 13-Producer Collaboration
City: Buesaco

Country: Colombia
Altitude: 2000+ m.a.s.l
Processing Method:  Washed Process; Greenhouse Dried


Colombia Buesaco 13