Colombia El Mirador Microlot

Colombia El Mirador Microlot

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Our latest Direct Trade project features a COFFEE QUEST x XELA collaboration from Colombia. 


EL MIRADOR is a single farm micro-lot from the Suaza region of Huila in Colombia, and it is produced by Ananias Perez.


The producer is very strict on delivering only the fruit that is harvested from the Caturra varietal for a 100% Caturra Microlot. The coffee is fermented for 20 hours and then slow-dried on raised African beds in a parabolic dryer, of which timing varies depending on the weather conditions.

The care and thought put into nurturing/processing this coffee imparts an intense sweetness, papaya/tropical fruit tones, and a juicy mouthfeel with a lasting vibrant finish.


"El Mirador"


Farm: Finca El Mirador
City: Suaza
Region: Huila
Country: Colombia
Altitude: 1,850 – 2000 m.a.s.l
Processing Method: 20 Hour Fermentation, Washed, Raised-Bed Dry 10-15 Days