Colombia Palestina Micro-Fermentation

Colombia Palestina Micro-Fermentation

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Our latest Direct Trade project features a COFFEE QUEST x XELA collaboration from Colombia. 


Palestina is a single farm micro-lot from the Palestina region of Huila in Colombia, and it is produced by Lizardo Alba.


Palestina is a 100% Caturra varietal lot from Finca Los Jasmines. The coffee is hand-picked, seperated, and gently washed before fermentation. Lizardo Alba is pushing the envelope with new fermentation practices, sealing the coffee in micro batches of about 150-200lbs per bag. The sealed batches ferment for 62 hours, about 3x longer than normally found in Central & South America. Because of the long fermentation time, strict control of the environment is made by a tube that comes out of each bag, allowing the C02 to leave, but not allowing oxygen to re-enter. With Lizardo forging new ideas in processing, its no wonder this coffee tastes so exotic at only 1480 Meters Above Sea Level.

Once the coffee is done fermenting, it is washed and sun-dried under close watch and shade.

The care and thought put into nurturing/processing this coffee imparts an intense passion fruit tone, papaya, citrus liveliness, and a caramel sweet finish.




Farm: Finca Los Jasmines 
City: Palestina
Region: Huila
Country: Colombia
Altitude: 1480 m.a.s.l
Processing Method: 62 Hour Sealed Micro-Fermentation

Producer: Lizardo Alba

Colombia Palestina Micro-Fermentation