Congo Lake Kivu Exotic

Congo Lake Kivu Exotic

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Lake Kivu


This coffee is from the banks of Lake Kivu & Volcano Nyiragongo. This area surrounded by the Virunga Mountains, is rich in volcanic soil and has perfect climatic conditions . The altitude ranges from 1600 MASL to 2000 MASL, ideal for coffee farms. Newfound peace in the region has seen farmers planting new coffee varieties, and cooperatives such as the Virunga Washing Station. The coffees are fully washed using a wet mill set up by the coop, and dried on raised beds.

We are roasting this coffee to a medium level, which allows the complex Tropical Fruit & White Grape tones to be upfront and sweet, while the heavy syrup-like body rest on your palate with a really clean almond finish. 



Lake Kivu, Congo

Botanical Variety: Bourbon // Jackson 

Elevation: 1800 Meters

Process: Fully Washed & Dried on Raised Bed

Tasting Notes: White Grape | Soft Berry | Graham | Almond

Congo Lake Kivu Exotic