Ecuador Finca Lugmapata Rare Microlot

Ecuador Finca Lugmapata Rare Microlot

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Our latest Direct Trade project features a TUSA x XELA collaboration from the exotic Ecuador. 

Finca Lugmapata is a single farm micro-lot from the town of Pallatanga in the region of Chimborazo, Ecuador. The lot is produced by Colon Merino & his family.




According to the Ministry of Agriculture in Ecuador:
Colon Merino was the winner of the tenth edition of the Golden Cup 2017 contest organized by the National Association of Coffee Exporters (Anecafé).

Merino obtained a score of 89.50 awarded by international judges. In the judges tasting notes, the coffee produced flavors similar to juice from fruits, peach, apricot and almonds.

 The Minister of Agriculture, Vanessa Ahiman, stressed that it is precisely this reputation of Ecuadorian coffee that has made it possible to position the country as one of the best producers of exotic coffee and high quality, which competes in the most demanding global markets.

Vinicio Dávila, director of the Golden Cup Competition, said this event is the most important, since it defines the best coffees in Ecuador.

 "This competition is focused on the producers to reward them for the hard work they do every day on the farms. Thanks to them, Ecuador has a space on the world map not only for special and boutique coffees, but also now with the 'champagne'; that is, the best in the world, " -Dávila. 




Finca Lugmapata is comprised of two new hybrid tree varietals, Bourbon Sidra & Typica Mejorado. These new cross varietals are producing globally sought flavor profiles with a geisha-like delicacy. 

The cherries are picked at specific brix levels of maturation, carefully fermented for about 24-hours and washed. After the coffee has been washed, it is laid out to dry on raised beds in greenhouses with constant attention and surveillance. Every step of the process is ritualistic and meticulous, improving the coffee every year!


Finca Lugmapata has a delicate floral background tone, sparkling citrus-like acidity, soft berry undertone and a silky tea-like mouthfeel.

XELA is roasting Finca Lugmapata to a very light roast level. The main focus for the roast profile was to highlight the delicacy & complexity, allowing the roast to be very light with the intention of experiencing the unique acidity and fruit. 



"Finca Lugmapata"

 8oz Bag

Farm: Finca Lugmapata
City: Pallatanga
Region: Chimborazo
Country: Ecuador
Altitude: 2000 m.a.s.l
Varietals: Bourbon Sidra & Typica Mejorado
Processing Method: 24 Hour Fermentation, Washed, Greenhouse Dry