Ecuador 'La Joya' Micro-Lot

Ecuador 'La Joya' Micro-Lot

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Our latest Direct trade project features a TUSA x XELA collaboration from Ecuador. 


Finca La Joya is a single farm micro-lot from the Gonzanamá region of Loja in Ecuador, harvested between August and September.


The producer is Santiago Crespo and his farm sits at an elevation of between 1,890 and 1,930 MASL. He grows a bouquet of varietals which is very common in Ecuador, consisting of: Typica, Red & Yellow Caturra, Red & Yellow Bourbon and Pacas.


Santiago does a dry fermentation for 24 hours and then sun dries on raised beds for between 10-15 days. The care and thought put into processing this coffee imparts a tropical fruit tone, peach accents and a juicy mouthfeel with almost syrup-like viscosity.

This coffee is Double Roasted for maximum sugar caramelization. The roast appears to be a light-medium level with a complete balance in sweetness and acidity.

We hope you enjoy "The Jewel"


Farm: Finca La Joya
City: Gonzanamá
Region: Loja
Country: Ecuador
Altitude: 1,890 – 1,930 m.a.s.l
Processing Method: Washed, 24 Hour Fermentation, Sun-Dried 8-15 Days




Ecuador 'La Joya' Micro-Lot