El Salvador Santa Barbara

El Salvador Santa Barbara

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Menendez Family Farms x XELA

Santa Barbara is a Direct Trade coffee from El Salvador produced by the Menendez Family & Beneficio Piedra Grande. XELA has partnered with the family since 2014. 

Santa Barbara is grown at the highest elevation possible (1700MASL) for the region, producing an intensely sweet and complex coffee. 

The coffee is a Pacamara tree varietal, and it is a rare and prized botanical variety in El Salvador. The Menendez family, owners of the farms and mills where these coffees are processed, have elevated the varietal with extra care, attention and work.

As the farm elevation increases, the maturity cycle elongates, creating more time and effort for the tree to push sugars towards the fruit containing the seeds. After harvest they wash and dry the coffee, allowing a clear and clean taste once roasted. We have found this coffee to cover the palette with flavors akin to peach, honey, mango and milk chocolate.

XELA is roasting this coffee to an early-medium level. 


Apaneca, Ahuachapan, El Salvador

Finca Santa Barbara

Microlot #1

Elevation: 1700 meters 
Varietal: Pacamara
Process: Washed


El Salvador Santa Barbara