El Salvador Buena Vista Micro-Lot

El Salvador Buena Vista Micro-Lot

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Our Direct Trade Project features coffee from the Menendez Family in Apaneca, El Salvador. The coffee is grown near the highest elevations in the country, making it some of the sweetest coffees we have had from El Salvador. 

This coffee is a Bourbon varietal part of a larger lot on the farm Buena Vista. 

Once this micro-lot has been picked it is washed and patio dried, leaving the cup smooth, incredibly sweet, with complex dry-fruit and chocolate notes throughout.

Buena Vista is roasted to a medium level. 


Apaneca, Ahuachapan, El Salvador

Elevation: 1500 meters 
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Reserve // Washed

Taste Profile: Prune // Golden Raisin // Caramel / Bakers Chocolate //