Ethiopia Natural Process

Ethiopia Natural Process

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Ethiopia Kayon Mountain 


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Natural - Heirloom

This coffee is sourced from Esmael Hassen & his family in the Guji zone of Ethiopia. Esmael produces all of his own coffee from seed to export. The coffee is of heirloom varietals, processed on site and sun-dried on raised beds. The combination of very high altitude and iron-rich, acidic soil creates the ideal growing situation to produce the bright, floral tones found in this cup. The natural process imparts an intense berry & passion fruit flavor with absolute clarity. 

Explore all the different tones found in this cup, from coconut to strawberry to rich dark chocolate.


We are roasting this coffee to an early-medium level, layering smooth dark chocolate tones with a strawberry accent while finishing with a resinous fruity tone. Enjoy!



Kayon Mountain, Guji Zone, Ethiopia

Botanical Variety: Indigenous Heirloom 

Elevation: 2200 Meters Above Sea Level

Process: Natural (Dry); Sun-Dried on Raised Platform

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate | Strawberry | Coconut | Graham