Screwston Blend

Screwston Blend

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Screwston Cold Brew Blend


At XELA Coffee Roasters we pride ourselves on bringing a modern edge to the tradition of coffee roasting and brewing. Our newest addition to the Xela coffee line-up is our proprietary blend, SCREWSTON,  made specifically for cold brew. Screwston is a combination of seasonal coffees blended post-roast, producing a smooth, intensely sweet brew with milk chocolate tones and bright fruity accents.

We are roasting this coffee to a medium level, and the flavor profile consists of layered cocoa and brown sugars topped with mild raspberry tones. The cold brew blend is aimed at providing a smooth, approachable coffee perfect over ice on a summer day.



Seasonal Post-Roast Blend

Tasting Notes: Cocoa & Brown Sugar | Smooth | Raspberry | Mild Acidity