Yemen Matari Natural

Yemen Matari Natural

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Matari, Western Yemen - Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars


Yemen coffee is traditionally grown at high elevations in harsh environments receiving little rainfall.  As a result of these conditions, the plants increase the amount of nutrients and sugars pushed to the cherries which ultimately increases cup complexity. Yemen coffee has always been sun-dried (natural) further increasing the sweetness of the cup.


We are roasting this coffee twice to a early-medium, which brings out the layered spice flavors and milk chocolate tones while the strawberry and melon notes bring acidity to the balance.  Enjoy!

Small province to the northwest of Sana’a.

Botanical Variety: Heirloom (meaning: native or exclusive to the area

Elevation: 1500+ Meters

Process: Sun-Dried, Natural 

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate | Strawberry | Canteloupe | Clean

Yemen Matari Natural